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Tom chats to Joe Forrester

Monday 11 Jun 2012
interview with joe forrester

In this interview, Apprentice 2012 runner-up Tom Gearing chats to Joe Forrester about his time on the hit business show.

Tom takes questions on Twitter

Friday 8 Jun 2012
twitter interview

We threw out the call on Twitter #asktom and got some very interesting responses indeed!

Tom appears on ITV's Daybreak

Wednesday 6 Jun 2012
Tom on Daybreak

Tom and the other finalists from The Apprentice, Ricky Martin, Jade Nash and Nick Holzherr, made an appearance on ITV's Daybreak on Friday 1st June.


After putting it off until pretty much the last minute, I had to call in a couple of favours to get this put together in a very short space of time. Big thanks must go to Ed & Sam at 7dots who managed to whip this site up under very tight time constraints, also to Nimi at b-spoke agency who helped organise the photo-shoot at Fizzpopper and finally to Tim Liew who contributed some great content on 'The Apprentice'.

Twitter Feed:
In the press:
  • Entrepreneur, wine connoisseur, heartthrob and TV star. The traits of Tom Gearing make the 23-year-old sound more James Bond than Apprentice...
    27th Jun 2012
  • Tom Gearing consistently speaks up with common sense in a non-threatening manner. He is one of my favourites.
    Claire Young
    26th Apr 2012
  • Tom was in control and implemented a risky strategy of quality and desirability of product over quantity. This proved to be a winning strategy and his experience shone through...Tom understood the task and remained confident with the risks he took. Demonstrating drive and determinism as well as competitiveness and knowledge
    Phil Sheridan
    The Telegraph
    12th Apr 2012
  • What an enigmatic bloke! He is very quietly spoken with remarkable composure, which means that when he does talk people listen to him. And he is bright, a strategist, thoughtful.
    Nick Hewer
    The Radio Times
    19th May 2012
  • Is this man, Tom Gearing really a candidate? He belongs on the pages of omg! He's got that sultry stare perfected already.
    OMG from Yahoo!
    13th Mar 2012
  • Tom shot to stardom for being the best dressed man on television (pretty much single handedly bringing back the tie clip in the process), but more poignantly for showing business wisdom and entrepreneurial nous way beyond his years.
    Christopher Warren-Gash
    16th Jul 2012

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